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DR CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Beginning Set

DR CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Beginning Set

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DR CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Beginning Set
Comes with Essence and Cream.

The Dr.Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence is  an ingenious multitasker that absorbs like a toner and functions as a cream-essence hybrid, the Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence is perfect for all skin types especially dry, sensitive, dull or imbalanced. 

Dr. Ceuracle's Vegan Kombucha Tea Gel Cream is a nutrient-rich, rapidly hydrating moisturizer for dehydrated, tired or dull-looking skin. Formulated with 20% fermented black tea (Kombucha) extract to help strengthen the moisture barrier while balancing oil production. It also contains 58.9% Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf water, which has protective antioxidant benefits while calming any irritation. 

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Dr.CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence is a unique combination of cream and essence, ideal for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, dull or imbalanced skin. It revitalizes the skin, giving it a glowing and vibrant appearance with the help of fortifying kombucha tea extract, plant botanicals, and nourishing seed oil.

After using the essence, you can follow it up with Dr.CEURACLE Kombucha Tea Gel Cream, which is a lightweight yet hydrating moisturizer that immediately soothes the skin with its water-like texture and is formulated with kombucha tea extract, calming green tea leaf water, and vitamin-rich Omija fruit extract. It's great for all skin types, but best for oily, acne-prone or combination skin.

How to

  • Essence: Begin by cleansing your face and shaking the essence well. Apply a thin and even layer of the essence to your face. You can apply multiple layers if desired. Gently pat your face to help the essence fully absorb into your skin. Note: For oily skin, one layer is enough; for combination skin, two layers are recommended; and for dry skin, use three or more layers for a supple, glowing appearance.
  • Cream: After cleansing and toning your skin, apply an even layer of the cream to your face, patting gently to help it absorb.


Essence: Kombucha Tea Extract, Probiotics, Vitamin B, Camellia Sinensis Leaf (green tea) Water, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit (omija) Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil

Cream: Fermented black tea (Kombucha) extract, Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf water, Tannins, Amino acids, Omija fruit extract

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